H. L. Mencken

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United States of America, Germany




Writer, Journalist, Critic


Atheism, Agnosticism, Agnostic atheism


German American


August Mencken, Sr.

Written works
A book of burlesques
A Book of Prefaces
A.K.A. H.L. Mencken
A Religious Orgy in Tennessee
Americana 1926
A carnival of buncombe
A choice of days
Dreiser-Mencken letters
Europe After 8
A gang of pecksniffs
George Bernard Shaw: His Plays
The gist of Mencken
H.L. Mencken on American literature
Happy Days, 1880–1892
Heliogabalus A Buffoonery in Three Acts
Ich Kuss Die Hand
The impossible H.L. Mencken
In defence of women
In Defense of Women
In the footsteps of Gutenberg
Letters from Baltimore
The Libido for the Ugly
The mating game and how to play it
A Mencken chrestomathy
Menckeneana: A Schimpflexikon
Mencken's America
My life as author and editor
Notes on democracy
A personal word
Selected prejudices
The American credo
The American Language
The days of H. L. Mencken
The editor, the bluenose, and the prostitute
The Vintage Mencken
Three Early Works
Ventures into verse
What's ahead for books & authors?
American Mercury Magazine, January to April 1925
H.L. Mencken's Smart set criticism
Newspaper Days, 1899-1906
Treatise on the gods
Do you remember?
Heathen Days: Mencken's Autobiography
Minority report
On politics
Friedrich Nietzsche
Heathen days, 1890-1936
In defense of Marion
A second Mencken chrestomathy
Happy Days: Mencken's Autobiography
Thirty-five Years of Newspaper Work
The diary of H.L. Mencken
The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche
The young Mencken
Vachel Lindsay
James Branch Cabell
A new dictionary of quotations on historical principles from ancient and modern sources
The new Mencken letters
Pistols for two
The bathtub hoax, and other blasts & bravos from the Chicago tribune
The artist

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